Friday, October 06, 2017

Ford Dumps Sync and MyFord Sync Users

The new iPhone app from Ford, Ford Pass, does nothing for existing users of MyFordSync, which is being discontinued next year. Ford has chosen not to recompile Destinations from a 32-bit to a 64-bit app, so it no longer works in iOS 11. Ford Pass also abandons these users, even though there is over a year left on most Sync subscriptions. Any developer knows it would have been easy to recompile Destinations or expand Ford Pass to service Sync users and allow them to continue to use their cars systems with their phones.

After having spent thousands of dollars on Sync for my two Fords, I no longer have an app to control it from my phone. Worse, I won't even be able to control it hands-free from my car! Ford Pass has chosen to ignore hundreds of thousands of users like me. To make matters worse, I can’t even use CarPlay or install third-party apps on MyFord Sync as a replacement since the BIOS in the existing system is incompatible.

Maybe Ford Pass is a great app for those who have purchased a brand new Ford, but it’s apparent that their new CEO, Jim Hackett, has decided to dump older owners by instructing the developer of Ford Pass to ignore them. seriously doubt this would have happened under Alan Mulally, who had a far more focused eye towards Ford customer satisfaction. Under Mark Fields and now Jim Hackett, it seems Ford has lost that extra effort towards customer attention and quality and returned to the Ford of old.

This arrogance to Ford’s users will make me think long and hard about whether I ever purchase a Ford in the future. 

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