Monday, April 20, 2009

My vote for product of the year!

I know it's only mid april, but I am awed by a product that I stumbled across yesterday at Bed Bath and Beyond. It's a portable back scratcher!

Folks, if you've ever needed to scratch your back and used a tree, wall, or any of a million other bizarre surfaces, then you'll know that a back scratcher is a one-of-a-kind appliance.

Until recently, conventional back scratchers had two drawbacks. First, they were usually only available in the China Town. Don't ask me why that's true, since I have a very itchy back and can guarantee you that I don't have a drop of Oriental blood in me. Second, they are always about 18" long, made from plastic or wood, and therefore don't exhibit a great deal of portability. In other words, the damn thing is never there when you need it.


This puppy collapses like a portable antenna with a claw on the end. It even has a pocket clip!! It's also just sharp enough to give your back that satisfying scratch without drawing blood. It fits comfortably in a purse, backpack or briefcase and is always ready when the itch strikes you.


My congratulations go out to Smart Inventions, who markets this device. You have my uncontested vote for Product of the Year, 2009 from a grateful, itchy-backed devotee of back scratchers.

BTW, I notice on the packaging, it's made in China. Hmmmmm.